How do I chose a style of floor scraper machine? And what type of blades do I order?

Many options are available when a job requires a floor scraper machine. Each option has advantages. Among those options are the walk-behind floor scraper, the electric floor scraper, the battery-powered floor scraper, and the propane ride-on floor scraper. There are also many manufacturers to choose from including Blastrac, Terminator and National. U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service scraper blades fit all these floor scraper machines.

The primary benefit of choosing floor scraper blades from U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service is the high quality of the blades. U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service uses steel which has a higher carbon content than most other suppliers. Higher carbon content means the scraper blades wear longer and stay sharper longer. In addition, U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service consistently offers the best price in the industry for our floor scraper blades.

Considering the options for floor scraper machines, and also for tile or carpet blades, and then deciding which choices to make, depends on the job to be done. When choosing a type of floor scraper machine the ride-on floor scraper is best for large areas. The walk-behind styles can be used on smaller areas that are harder to access with a ride-on style. The walk-behind electric floor scrapers are best used indoors and the power cord is usually lightweight. The battery-powered floor scrapers are usually used indoors and require time to charge. They usually have a lower run time. The propane ride-on floor scraper usually gives more production and can be used indoors or outside, but indoors requires good ventilation when in use. So, consider the size of the job, the accessibility, and the ventilation when choosing a style.

U.S. Shotblast Parts and Service scraper blades come with several options also. They come in 3-inch or 4-inch lengths, front to back of the blade. The 3-inch blades are available for machines that will not allow the blade to sit in the blade holder as deeply as some other models allow. This gives the user the option of choosing a .094 thick blade without the risk of bending the blade from too much stress. The 3-inch blades perform with more weight per square inch than a 4-inch blade and produce good results when removing tile, carpet or wood surfaces. The thicker 4-inch blades are used for heavier machines such as the ride-on style.

Both straight blades and carpet blades are available. The carpet blades will cut the carpet in strips so it can be easily rolled up after it is removed. Carpet blades are available in the 4-inch blades, front to back, in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 22” lengths. Our 4-inch, front to back, straight blades are available in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”, 18” and 24” lengths. Our 3-inch, front to back, straight blades are available in 6”, 8” and 12” lengths.

All of our blades come in .094 thickness with one exception. We offer a .125 thickness available in a 4-inch, front to back, straight blade. These are available in 8” and 12” lengths.

When choosing the length of the blade consider how much pressure you need to apply. The harder the surface is to remove the shorter the blade you will use. You get more pressure on the blade with a smaller blade so it does not bog down the machine.

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